Journey Through PyClubs October Mentorship: A Reflection


In today's dynamic landscape of technology education, mentorships emerge not just as guiding lights but as robust frameworks that offer aspirants a genuine window into the world of tech professionals. Such programs become even more invaluable when they serve as anchors for young enthusiasts, especially for university students eager to make their mark. Ghana, a burgeoning hub of technological advancement, has seen an ever-widening skills gap in recent years. Recognizing this challenge, PyClubs core ambition was crystal clear: to curate a month-long mentorship program designed to bridge the gap between budding university students and the seasoned professionals of the Ghanaian tech community. At the heart of the PyClubs Mentorship Program was a desire to provide students with more than just theoretical knowledge. We wanted to offer them an immersive experience, an opportunity to taste the vast reservoir of wisdom that Ghana's tech community has to offer. More than lectures or textbooks, we sought to give these young minds a chance to interact, learn, and grow under the guidance of industry stalwarts. As we close this significant chapter of this edition, it's only fitting to pause, appreciate, and reflect on the journey that was.

This blog aims not only to shine a light on the program's milestones but also to celebrate the individuals who were the pillars of its success. Our mentors, with their dedication and passion, laid down the path for the mentees to follow. Their commitment to sharing their expertise has been nothing short of inspirational. Every session, every interaction, was a testament to their belief in the potential of the next generation.

Participation Dynamics

Our call for participation was met with an overwhelming response. Applications poured in from various esteemed institutions, including Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology, Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development, Accra Technical University, and the University of Cape Coast. From this pool of zealous aspirants, 25 standout students were selected, judged not merely by their academic achievements but by their thirst for knowledge and drive. Understanding the varied levels of proficiency and interest among the applicants, the mentorship track was thoughtfully segmented into three categories: Core Python Track: Aimed primarily at novices eager to grasp the foundational tenets of Python, Web Development (Django) Track: For those poised to dive into the intricate world of web development and Data Science/AI Track: Crafted for the intermediate learners, ready to unlock the potential of data and artificial intelligence.

Recognizing the paramount importance of mentors in this endeavour, a call was sent out for mentors to the Ghanaian tech community, seeking individuals who embody both expertise and a fervent desire to give back. We were honored to onboard 13 dedicated professionals, each with a wealth of expertise and a reservoir of experience, who volunteered. With the mentors onboard, students were meticulously paired based on their chosen tracks, setting the stage for a transformative four-week journey.

A Salute to the Torchbearers: Our Mentors

Their fervor was evident, and their commitment was indomitable. Each mentor was not just a repository of technical knowledge but also a beacon of inspiration. Their undying commitment, their drive to inspire, desire to light up the tech path for the next generation and prepare the students for the challenges of the tech world stood out prominently. As a gesture of our profound gratitude, we would like to acknowledge the following mentors: Abraham Hamilton-Etrue, Anthony Addae, Bright Morkli, Elijah Ahianyo, Emmanuel Adu Saah, Emmanuel Gyimah, Franklin Aryee, Godfred Addai Amoako, Godfred Okai Darko, John Eshun, Kofi Kumi Sika Marley, Tim Osahenru and Walter Nii Armah Okine. To each one of them, we extend our deepest gratitude. The success of the PyClubs Mentorship Program is a testament to your dedication and zeal.

Some reflections from our mentors

Mentorship is a profound and reciprocal journey of learning and growth. As a mentor, the experience is often rewarding as it involves sharing knowledge, insights, and experiences to guide and empower others. Witnessing the mentee's progress, achievements, and transformation is a source of fulfilment. I am so proud of my mentees, they are proactive and eager to take on the next challenge. My mentee demonstrated a remarkable curiosity to learn by consistently seeking out new knowledge and exploring diverse topics within our field of study. They actively pursued self-directed learning initiatives. One standout achievement is my mentee's commitment to a research-oriented approach. They effectively identified and delved into key research topics. Their ability to leverage collective intelligence and work effectively with diverse perspectives has been a key strength. - Anthony Addae

In my role as a mentor, I had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and passion for Python programming with my assigned mentee, David. Guiding him through the basics was a rewarding experience that not only strengthened his coding skills but also fostered a sense of achievement for both of us. Witnessing his growth and enthusiasm for coding was truly satisfying. Throughout the period, David demonstrated remarkable progress in Python programming, successfully completing several projects in “Automate the Boring Stuff” by Al Sweigart. His dedication and problem-solving skills are commendable, showcasing a bright future in the field of coding. - Franklin Aryee

Mentoring was a mutually beneficial experience that enhanced problem-solving skills and confidence for both parties, fostering growth and reinforcing my leadership and teaching skills. My mentee excelled in data analysis, learning to manage packages, cleanse data, visualize information, and articulate insights from graphs. - John Eshun

It was a great experience. I equally benefited from everything we learned and did together. Thank you for the opportunity. Bennet is now an intermediary Python programmer, he has the rudimentary knowledge needed for him to specialise in a particular field, for example, data science or web development. He is actually interested in web development. - Bright Morkli

To Our Eager Learners: The Mentees

The mentees, with their insatiable hunger for knowledge and their commitment to growth, stood as a testament to the promise of a brighter technological future for Ghana. Their questions sparked discussions, and their progress marked milestones in the program's journey. We'd like to use this opportunity to acknowledge our mentees: Abban Emmanuel, Anthony Appiah Adjei, Bennet Gyan Owusu, Emmanuel Yuorkuu, Josephine Bedford Moses, Arthur Abigail, Shine Teye, Jesse Thomas Bobbie, John Papa Amonoo Appiah, Johanan Oppong Amoateng, Yaw Boafo Nkyi, William Kofi Tegah, Enoch Hodo, Israel Okai, Kelvin Omaboe, William Akwasi Afoakwa, Akoto-Nimoh Christine Serwaa, Lovelyn Afi Matanawui, Prince Nyarko, Esi Aboagyewaa Karikari Abrokwa, Biwiara-Duo Francis Naamwinmaalo, Yendoh Derek

, Caleb Arkoh Duodu, Gertrude Hattoh, Hoenyedzi Federal Sedinam, and Desmond Dadzie.

Behind the Scenes: The Unsung Heroes

No journey is complete without acknowledging the silent contributors who, though often behind the scenes, played a pivotal role in steering this ship to success. Their meticulous planning, relentless drive, and unyielding support made the program not just a dream but a reality.


As we look back, it's evident that this mentorship program was more than just a learning experience—it was a communion of minds, a sharing of experiences, and a testament to the power of community-driven education